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Giovanni Lunardi

Giovanni Lunardi
Lunardi Photography
1855 University Pkwy
Sarasota, Florida 34243


1962 Master Of Science in Geology Universita' degli Studi di Parma, Italy

Work Experience


  • Worked with director Bernardo Bertolucci for the production of the movie "Prima della rivoluzione" as set photographer and assistant.
  • Worked for six months in Rome, Italy, on the set of 2 movie with director Antonio Pietrangeli: "La Parmigiana" and "La visita"


  • Moved away from the movie industry to focus completely on photography.
  • Built a dark room to process films and create black and white prints.
  • Worked in Parma, Italy for the publications "PR" & "Parma nel mondo".
  • Began a cooperation with the graphic studio of  "Franco Maria Ricci Editor".


  • Signs a contract with the weekly magazine "ABC" (Milano, Italy) to produce images in Italy and Europe. Numerous images taken of Italian celebrities are published on covers and in articles of the magazine. Also began collaborating on advertising campaigns for Alexander & Nicolette shoes, Morris Perfumes, Ducale and "Acqua di Parma" Of the Borsari Company.


  • Left ABC and moved to Paris, France, to work as a photographer assistant at Vogue"s studios for photographers such as Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, David Bailey and Guy Bourdin.  Traveled to Vogue"s studio in London, England to work with these and many other famous photographers.


  • Signed a contract with the Italian fashion magazine Amica to realize images for articles and covers.  Traveled often to the south of Italy, Tunisia and Morocco to capture images for swim suit issues. Traveled to Brazil for 3 months with the photographer Guy Bourdin to work on an advertising campaign for summer clothing.
  • Later accompanied Guy Bourdin to New York to work on an advertising campaign for Jourdan shoes. After completion moved back to Italy and opened own studio in Milano: Studio Fotografico Giovanni Lunardi.



  • Worked with fashion magazine Amica to create images in studio as well as on location all over Italy. Traveled to Rome, Paris and Milano to follow the fashion shows and capture exclusive images on behalf of Amica.  Also began collaboration with the prestigious magazine "Arianna".  Worked with the editor Anna Piaggi to create many images for fashion issues and covers. 


  • Began working for the weekly fashion magazine "Grazia" printed by Mondadori. Traveled worldwide to capture images for fashion articles sponsored by many clothing companies.
  • India Kashmere  - Agnona and Grazia
  • Australia - Agnona and Grazia
  • Peru  - Agnona and Grazia
  • USA RV trip  -Coin and Grazia
  • Houseboat Through Europe - Coin and Grazia
  • Munich Germany, Soccer World Cup - Coin and Grazia
  • Vietnam (March 1973 end of war ) -Grazia    

§  During this period works on many advertising campaign:

o   Moto Guzzi

o   Sover Sunglasses  - trips to Guadalupa and Bahamas Islands

o   Sno " Swim Suit trips to Bahamian Islands.

o   Malo

o   Zegna

o   Milanovendemoda

o   Fabbriche riunite  


  • Produced 2 documentaries for Rai, the Italian Public Service Broadcaster; "Guerrilla in Bolivia" during the Presidency of Hugo Banzer and "Life in the Peruvian High Sierra"    


  • Left Grazia and started working for other Italian fashion magazines in Milano including Gioia, Bella, Annabella, and Arianna. Created cover images and traveled to foreign countries to capture more fashion pictures.
  • Iceland " Gioia
  • Martinica " Gioia and Club Med
  • Lapland " Gioia
  • Brazil " Arianna
    §  Worked on several advertising campaigns during this period:

         o   Annabella Pellicce  - New York and Pavia

o   Club Med " Morocco and Marrakesh

o   La Standa  - Canaries islands



§  Began working for Vestro , the Bergamo (Italy) based retail catalog,  one of the largest catalog in Europe at this time; his cooperation with Vestro continues for over 16 years. He works for the female clothing division of the catalog and is in charge to  create many images for the winter and summer issues. Most of the issues will be shot on location around the world:  Morocco, Tunisia, Martinica, Bahamas, Mauritius island, Miami, Tampa, Clearwater, Dallas, Sarasota, Roma, Dolomits.  Most of these trips are on location for many months.



  • Began creating photographic artwork made of prints and 3-D objects in shadowboxes.  These images were inspired by travels to cities worldwide, especially New York City.  More than 30 pieces of artwork came to life and are currently being displayed in 3 galleries in Milano Cortina D"ampezzo and Parma.
  • Commissioned by Monsanto to create 25 more artwork pieces that will be used to advertise their textile fibers.  These artwork pieces are all made using prints and fibers provided by the company.    


  • Invited to work in New York by several top magazines. Spent 2-3 months per year working on location for several famous publications:
  • Simplicity
  • Butterick
  • Seventeen
  • Make It
  • Tv Guide
  • Bloomingdales
  • Sphere
  • Vogue Pattern
  • Traveled throughout the United States and other foreign destinations on behalf of these publications.     


  • Hired by Parmalat to create images for a book about legendary Formula 1 Pilot Niki Lauda. Followed F1 races for 2 years around the world to capture the images they need.    


  • Worked for the French retail catalog La Redoute capturing images for the female clothing division mostly in Florida (Miami, Clearwater, Sarasota)    


  • Worked intensly for Gioia Magazine.  Photographed almost all their cover and created a lot of Beauty images for their articles.  Opened Extra Image Production, an image stock library that will distribute stock images to agencies, magazines and other publications all over the world.  Spent 2-3 months per year in Florida to capture these images for the stock library. Hundreds of these images are published as covers for editorial and fashion magazines.  Many others are published for beauty, health and couples issues.   


  • Moved to Florida and opened a studio in Sarasota.    


  • Based in Sarasota.  Continuing to produce images for stock library.  Began working with The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art as well as the Tampa Museum of Art.  Many images produced for the John and Mable Ringling Museum are used in books, guides and advertisements.  Began photographing artwork on behalf of private collectors.  Began cooperating with the Muscarelle Museum.    


  • In Cooperation with Barilla, published the book "Parma anni sessanta", (Parma during the sixties) a collection of black white images taken during the sixties in Parma.    


  • Created a new collection of 3D artwork pieces. These pieces are shown in 2 exhibits in Sarasota.    


  • A selection of 3D artwork pieces in displayed at the New Arts Gallery in Litchfield Connecticut (June 30th " September 2nd )
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