Dr. Gabriele Magnani

Art Critic - Curator - Journalist - Writer

Ece Clarke


The Triangle of Politics, Culture and Religion are central to Ece Clarke's development as an artist. Born in Istanbul and educated in Turkey and Germany, later living in the Far East, the Middle East, and now resident in London, she has been involved in and affected by different cultures at each stage. Educated in Istanbul and Germany. Attended Istanbul University (Diploma), Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore and the City & Guilds London School of Art (MA). Her work concerns itself with the reality of existence and links to Ece's other interests in science and the universe, the elements of nature and other naturally occurring forms.


At the heart of my recent work is an investigation into the relationship between the tangible and the intangible and our ability to express or recognise one in the other.

I curve flat surfaces of Somerset paper into three-dimensional objects - creating a cross between painting and sculpture that has given a different scope to my work. Putting two-dimensional work in three dimensions creates an inner space within the work that cannot be perceived; and an outer space that is shared with the observer.

The heavy paper is transformed by the chemicals in the paint and thinner, penetrating the surface to create something new. In some cases smoke is used, capturing the dying moment in the creation of fractal shapes on the paper. Their existence connects with my momentary existence, overlapping briefly in time with the materials to create something new and independent.

The work is what it is, with its own sombre presence, character and gravity. It is non- representational, a combination of paper and other elements, standing on its own merits.

Past Exhibitions

  • 1986 - Solo Exhibition in Vepa Art Gallery, Osmanbey, Istanbul
  • 1988 - Joint Exhibition at Istanbul University
  • 1989 - Solo Exhibition in Butun Zamanlar Art Gallery, Istanbul
  • 1989 - Joint Exhibition in Urun Art Gallery, Istanbul
  • 1993 - Joint Exhibition in Cemal Resit Rey Theater Hall, Istanbul
  • 1996 - Solo Exhibition at the Turkish Embassy, Singapore
  • 2001 - Solo Exhibition in Al-Dana Club, Doha, Qatar
  • 2003 - Solo Exhibition in Al Bida Gallery, Doha, Qatar
  • 2005 - MA Show 2005 - City & Guilds of London Art School
  • 2005 - Affordable Art Fair - Battersea, London
  • 2007 - Art Paris Abu Dhabi Art Fair (With Waterhouse & Dodd, London)
  • 2008 - Italian Cultural Institute London "Mediterraneo - A Sea that Unites"
  • 2008 - Ankara Foreign Ministry Exhibition Hall Solo Exhibition
  • 2009 - Routes Exhibition - Waterhouse & Dodd, Cork Street, London
  • 2009 - Abu Dhabi Art Fair - (with Waterhouse & Dodd)
  • 2009 - Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair