Dr. Gabriele Magnani

Art Critic - Curator - Journalist - Writer

Kostas Fosteris

Born Athens 1953, where he lives and works
Education Between 1971 and 1983 he studied in Florence where he took a degree in architecture with Prof. Adolfo Natalini on "architecture and behaviour". His professional background makes him an artist who never forgets the rules of architecture.

Solo Exhibitions

1990 Athens Poppi K Gallery
2004 Paris Swatch

Group Exhibitions

1993 Athens Nees Morfes Gallery
2002 Manifatture aristocratiche, Palazzo Cavour, Turin
2005 Paris Galerie BJF carré rive gauche Awards
2005 Athens, Design Prize OIKIA magazine


The work of art displayed here is a sculpture that has no weight, even as it comes face to face with its own material presence. That material appears to be stronger but is continually beckoned by outcries emanating from locations that are empty. So as it runs its course, the sculpture does not come face to face with the round, by turns flirting with the floor, by turning avoiding it. The things that the sculpture cannot caress, because of the limitations of its shape, its presence allows it to embrace.

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Sounds from the void II - 2007
Oxidated copper and iron treated with wax
250 X 70 cm
Courtesy private collection London

Dr. Gabriele Magnani